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You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.? F. Scott Fitzgerald (1945)words kept as a guiding light we  welcome you to Thanks For. We thinkit to be one of the best websites of its type Communication is more than people sending and receiving information? while speaking is at each other.It's making thought live, grow, prosper and then become something everybody can hopefully resolve a problem with. Each column is initiated with this kind of message, whether it's with the poignancy of the Christmas  message: The or lucury replica watches noting the interaction of a father and son as the father slips away into the shadow world of Alzheimers disease.The award winningGardens of Stone? warned of the dismal flourishing of military funeral rites at the outset of military operations and the powerful and effective, presenting points to ponder and answers to be demanded. Communication is people relating to socially, interacting as equals, each adding an element to the sauce piquant? of community. Without communication we're another herd moving toward sterile domestication or extinction as a race.? We look at people, placing elements of their person-hood in the spotlight for their neighbors to admire or possibly view with a more jaundiced eye. We're not afraid to tackle the tough issues of the day whether they're on the national, regional or local level. Our honest and sometimes controversial approach to analyzing issues is garnered from years of stepping to the front lines to better assess and confront problems. We try to exhibit strong, solid writing. (Louisiana Press Association) but with a sense of poignancy but never shying away from the irreverence punctuating the depth of our readers?(and our) life experiences. We try to get straight to the point. Based in small town America, communication's energy spreads to cities and villages alike we're neighbors, whether we're talking across the alley separating a New England tenements, like I did as a child, or from a rocking chair at the cracker barrel in the general store, it's us,being us and trying to make sense of it all.